Wednesday August 30, 2017


3 sets of 10 Barbell rows

3 sets of 10+ strict chin ups(band if needed to get 10 or more)

3 sets of 25 banded sit-ups

3 sets of up to 20 rainbows(start in plank and “rainbow the hips)


3 min AMRAP

Run 200 m

+Max Burpee box jump overs 24/20

Rest 2 min

3 min Amrap

30 deadlifts 185/125

+Max power cleans 185/125

Score is total Burpee box jump overs + total power cleans

Tuesday August 29, 2017


below the knee

hang power Clean



2 min max wall walks

1 min rest

2 min max ring rows

1 min rest

2 min max sdhp 115/75

1 min rest

2 min max back rack lunge 115/75

1 min rest

Repeat again but with 1 min rounds and 1 min rests

Monday August 28, 2017


Tempo back squats

5 sets of 3

Tempo=3 second descent + 1 second(fast) ascent

Partner WOD:

16 (8 rounds each)

15/12 cal row

10 wall balls 20/14

5 burpees

Partner 1 completes a full and then rest while partner 2 completes a full round.

Goal is to push yourself straight through with minimal breaks to get your teammate moving again!

Friday August 25, 2017

Skill: Ring Muscle Up!!!

We are going to use the classic CrossFit progression to build upper body strength, coordination, and progress towards a Muscle Up!

If you already have Muscle ups use the 10-15 minutes here to do precise and small sets so you can work on perfecting your form. Think about having a long back swing and a quick turnover.


400 m plate carry 45/35

400 m run

20 power cleans 135/95

15 push jerks 135/95

10 clean and jerks 135/95

Thursday August 24, 2017


Narrow Grip Bench Press

3 sets of 12

Focus on keeping elbows tight to the body and a forearm perpendicular to the floor


2:30 minutes each station :30 rest between each station

Shuttle run 50′ out and back

Toes to bar

KB swing

Row for cal

Bike for cal

Larger classes should change the start position to keep everyone moving and with access to a rower and a bike. Everyone should start with shuttle runs though. Every 50′ is a rep.