Wednesday November 14, 2018

All of you guys are aware of the Camp Fire and the extreme devastation that people up in Paradise are dealing with. Some of our own are going up there and helping out this weekend. Please join in!

Here are the items that are needed for the families from the Camp fire. Please bring any of these items in a bag to the gym by Friday evening.

Jackets (cold weather items)
Diapers, baby supplies
First aid supplies
Emergency supplies (flashlights, batteries)
Gift cards (target, TJmaxx, Walmart, etc.)

Snacks(non perishable), water,…

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Monday November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving Schedule

Wednesday: Normal except no 7 pm classes

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 1 Class at 11 am. All friends and family welcome

Saturday Normal Schedule

Christmas Schedule

Christmas Eve: 1 Class at 11 am. All friends and family welcome

Christmas Day: closed

December 26: Normal Schedule 

Skill: 20 minutes

Clean and Jerk to Max then, if time, 3 more lifts at 85%

5 rounds 2 minutes on/2 minutes off
15/12 Cal Row
9 Front Squats 165/110
Max Bar Facing Burpees

Score tota…

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Tuesday November 13, 2018




1 Pause Overhead Squat+2 Overhead Squats 

Partner Workout: 20 min AMRAP 

15, 30, 45…

hang squat cleans 95/65

shoulder to ovhd 95/65

clean and jerks 95/65

thrusters 95/65

Friday November 16, 2018

Due to continued poor air quality this workout will be focused on increasing strength and less on conditioning(heavy breathing).

30 minutes

Part 1)10 minutes
:60 wall sit arms extended 25/15
AMRAP ring dips*
Part 2) 10 minutes
:60 wall sit arms extended 25/15
AMRAP rope climbs**
Part 3) 10 minutes
:60 wall sit arms extended 25/15
AMRAP sets of 5 back squats 245/155*

Women go in order, starting with wall sit and ring dip. Men start with Part 2 then move to part 1. All athletes end on part 3.

*barbell must be re-racked after every set of 5
**legless if you have them. As needed sub ring pull-ups, seated to standing pulls, or other less scary movem…

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Monday November 12, 2018

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday parties all increasing in frequency; work hard to get in the gym as often as possible. Maybe you typically rest Thursdays with weekends getting more packed try working out during your midweek rest day.


Build to a heavy and fast

Halting power clean+pause split jerk

Workout: “Black Powder”

20 min AMRAP

Max KB swings 70/53*

*Every 2 minutes 10 burpee box jumps 24/20. No lateral burpees. Must start each burpee facing the box.