Friday February 9, 2018

Skill: mobilize/warm up and get ready for the workout.

Partner Workout:
21 min AMRAP
15 back squats 165/110
12 burpee box jump overs 24/20
9 shoulder to over head 165/110

At start, Minute 7, and Minute 14 pairs must do 20 strict hspu, 30 kipping, or 40 push-ups.

Barbell taken from the floor

Post workout:
5 min EMOM
5-10 strict pull-ups or 10-15 ring rows

Thursday February 8, 2018

Maybe you usually rest on Thursdays. But maybe you should text your friend and give this work out a shot.

This is not a birthday WOD. I’d never do that to my friend.

Skill: 15 minutes
build to heavy
Snatch lift off+full snatch

Partner WOD
2000 m row
200 grasshopper
Run 400m with medball 20/14
100 power snatches 75/55
1000 m row

RX: alternate every 50 of each movement(row alternate every 500).
Sc: alternate every 25 of each/250m on row.
Beginner: switch as often as needed.

Wednesday February 7, 2018

Please check in on Facebook! Invite your friends to come try us out for 10 full days for only $25! All proceeds go to help place local foster kids find a permanent home and family.

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes
8 front squats 185/125(take from floor)
Run 400 m

4×5 push press
4×5 dragon flags

Tuesday February 6, 2018

Take care Tuesday: use this skill to challenge and fix the basic positions. Find weaknesses that could be holding your fitness back.

Accumulate 3:00 at bottom of the air squat
Accumulate 2:00 hip extension hold
Accumulate 1:00 straight arm plank scaps active

3 rounds
20 deadlifts 185/125
20 box jumps 24/20
20 wallballs 20/14 at 10’
20 push ups
20 kb swings 53/35

18 min cap

Monday February 5, 2018

So if you know what the Open is it’s time to get registered again at!

If you don’t know then check it out or ask a coach!

This month guys keep checking in on Facebook! Invite your friends to try Iron Mile with 100% of Proceeds going directly to a non-profit placing local foster kids in permanent homes!(koinonia family services).

Two Options for Today’s workout
Option A
14 min AMRAP
14 oh squats 45/35
20’Oh plate carry 45/35
14 jumping pull-ups
20’OH plate carry 45/35

Option B
Prior to 10:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
    5 chest-to-bar pull-ups
20’ hsw
    5 squat snatches, 115/75

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