Tuesday March 7, 2017



5 sets of 10


Cal row

*if you fail 2 hspu in a set

Switch to push ups at a 2:1

Ratio and finish out set

Monday March 6, 2017

Crush this week in every way; starting with this workout! Text a friend and have them meet you at your favorite class.

Skill: 12 minutes:30 double unders+

:30 wallballs 

1 minute rest
Partner WOD: 16 minute AMRAP 

20 over your partner burpees 

(Bottom partner holding plank.)

40 kb swings 70/53

(Non-working partner hold Squat)

Friday March 3, 2017


There is some good scaling for the toes to bar hear. The hanging knee raise is pretty accessible and still great core work. The bar MU is scaled to any version of a pullup; strict, kipping, kicking and screaming. Whatever it takes ha! And if you don’t get one within a couple minutes, note your score then go grab a band and just work!


Thursday March 2, 2017

Partner Workout:
200/160 cal row

150 kb swings 53/35
100 ovhd squats 45/35

50 burpees

(Break up and pace as needed
To not get sore!)
Post WOD 



Wednesday March 1, 2017

Start March off RIGHT!!! Come hang out with your fitfam and get in a great workout!

Skill:Snatch balance

Work for 15 minutes towards 

Better form and Heavier weight 
5 rounds

200 m medball run

20 medball cleans 20/14