Friday April 14, 2017

Skill: 10 minutes

Handstand push up

Workout: Solo or Partner 20 min AMRAP

100 shoulder taps

80 wallballs 20/14

60 deadlifts 155/105

40 med ball see the lights 

20 hspu

Thursday April 13, 2017


Just a little technique work before a sweaty hard working partner WOD.

Skill: Pause power snatch
Halt at the knee on the way from

The floor. Then explode upwards 

Finish the power snatch

Build over 15 min
WOD: 20 minutes 

One partner:

1 min Cal Row

1 min box jumps 24/20

Other partner: Holding 155/105 at top of the deadlift and/or top of a back squat.

Partners Switch every two minutes.

Add: total cal+total box jumps

Wednesday April 12, 2017

Great workout planned for today. We are going to start with the WOD and finish with some accessory/muscular sculpting work! If you are one of the people who hit Monday and Tuesday as well you are on your way to your summer body! 

Head Coach Ben Alderman is heading to regionals for his 6th time and Jen Munro for her first time as an individual. We are still hoping that after the dust settles we will be sending an additional 6 people as a team! If you wish to show additional support grab the new “Kill All PRs” shirt from the gym or pre-order the black one from You can pre-order some of the classic favorites there as well.

50 hang squat cleans 205/135*

Emom do 3 over your bar burpees including the start.

3 x

Tuesday April 11, 2017


Front squat

Find 1 rm


3 rounds

25 v-ups or ghdsu

50′ ovhd walking lunge 45/35

50′ bear crawl or 50′ hsw

12 min cap*

Monday April 10, 2017


3 Push Press + 1 split Jerk 

New set every 2 minutes for 8 sets.
WOD: 16 min CAP

Kb swing 70/53 

Run 400m