Tuesday November 27, 2018

Remember No classes at the Natomas Gym this coming Saturday December 1. We are hosting a CrossFit Level I seminar. Come join us at the Woodland gym for a special workout at 930 AM!

Skill/Strength: Every :90 for 12 Minutes

1 Pause Front Squat + 1 Front Squat

Workout: 15 Min AMRAP

20 Push Ups

25 Air Squats*

*Air Squats convert at 3 Minutes to back squat 45/35, 6 minutes to front squat 45/35, at 9 minutes to back squat 95/65, and at 12 minutes to front squat 95/65

Monday November 26, 2018

Come join us at the Woodland gym for a special workout at 930 AM this coming Saturday December 1. There will be no classes or access to the Natomas Gym on that day as we have been asked by CrossFit Headquarters to host a CrossFit Level I seminar.

Skill/Core Work:

4 rounds

2 minutes on/1 min off

15 single arm suit case deadlifts 70/53*

Farmer carry remaining time. Alternate arms each round.

May Load a barbell and use it for the deadlifts and then use the KB for the farmer carry.

Workout: 30 Minute AMRAP

Teams of 3

75 deadlifts 245/165

400/300 cal Assault Bike*

*Alternate every minute


Wednesday November 21, 2018


10 Minute AMRAP

in teams of 3 (one person working at a time completing an entire round before next person goes)

5 Burpees+10 Cal bike(men legs only on bike)

Partner Workout: 15 Min AMRAP

50 box step overs 50/35’s

50 synchro db power snatches 50/35

Tuesday November 20, 2018

Skill: Double KB Complex
2 KB Deads+2 KB Hang Power Cleans+2 KB Push Press+2 KB Clean and Jerks
*After completing each successful complex +2 to the clean and jerk.
So Round 2 would be 2+2+2+4, Third would be 2+2+2+6 etc. RX 53’s/35’s

Like Cindy but not…
20 Min AMRAP
5 pullups
10 KB Swings 53/35
15 Squats

Thursday November 15, 2018

Skill/Strength: Abs all day!

16 min emom 

Min 1: :30 med ball twists

Min 2: :30 flutter kicks

Min 3: :30 high to low plank

Min 4: 20 abmat sit-ups 

Workout: 16 min clock*

8 min AMRAP 

max cal row

8 min AMRAP 

12 handstand push-ups 

8 chest to bar pull-ups 

4 deadlifts 275/185

*Women as written. Men reverse order.