Monday Sept. 15, 2014

Build to a heavy 2-position squat clean plus jerk
2 positions: hang, then floor.
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

Friday Sept. 12, 2014

Skill: every :90 for 15 min
Front Squat(from rack)+Split Jerk
Tabata Ring Row
Tabata V-Up
Tabata HR push-up
Tabata air squat

Thursday Sept.11, 2014

Skill: Farmer carry w partner
Pick 2 kb’s. Go 800m. Switch as needed. But don’t pick KB’s you think will get heavy at the end… Pick KB’s that are going to be heavy in the beginning. For added challenge use a vertical DB’s or try two Barbells.
While waiting for athletes to finish practice double unders.
P. Snatch 135/95
Strict HSPU
Run 400 m

Wednesday Sept.10, 2014

Skill: Ring work for shoulder flexibility and core strength!
10 skin the cats
Ring work for Technique!
10 Muscle Ups or MU Transitions
Ring Work for strength!
10 strict Muscle ups or 20 ring pull-ups/20 ring dips
Wod: 5 rnds
1 min Cal Row
1 min burpees

Tuesday Sept.9, 2014

Skill: Front squat 15min
Find a partner. Do sets of 5 at your choice in weight; move up or down as needed. Partner goes. Wait :30. Other partner goes. Wait :30. Use this style for warm up as well.
5 min: Review Kipping pull-up technique.
Wod: 10 min Amrap
100 wall balls
50 chest to bar pull-ups
100 double unders