Wednesday November 15, 2017

Handstand Push-ups*

Option 1: :30 max reps/:90 rest x 5

Can scale to push ups, pike push ups, hspu’s with ab mat assistance etc.

Option 2: 10 minutes of practice

*in this skill we are just trying to

Build bigger sets of handstand push ups for anyone who has them and anyone who is still working on them is trying to build some additional technique and progress toward getting them. The road is different for everyone here.


Buy in: 2 min straight arm plank or 2 min ring support then:


-KB eye level(Russian) swing 70/53

-15 tuck jumps

16 min cap


Grab a friend and do 3 sets of your favorite core exercise. Then finish off with up to a one minute side plank on each side.

Tuesday November 14, 2017


3 deadlifts+3 sumo deads

Get in 5 heavy sets. No rounding. No going onto the toes.

WOD(partner this if you want.)

12 minute AMRAP

10 box jumps overs 24/20

10 chest to bar pull ups

10 v-ups

Monday November 13, 2017


14 min EMOM

Even: 2 (no foot/jump) power cleans+1 power clean

Odd: :30 on/:30 off step back lunges or rest to build to heavier weight

Partner WOD:

Partner 1:

Row 1k

33 power snatch 75/55

22 thrusters 75/55

11 bar facing burpees

Partner 2:

11 bar facing burpees

22 thrusters 75/55

33 power snatch 75/55

Row 1k

Friday November 10, 2017



6 Rounds For Time*

24 Air Squats

24 Push-Ups

24 Walking Lunge

400 Meter Run

*Do this solo, with a partner or even as a trio! Just share the reps or for a fun challenge synchro the movements.

Thursday November 9, 2017

Choose Strength or Conditioning


15 minutes to work technique and build to days 1 rm Snatch(full)


15 minute AMRAP

With partner

Row 150m each, 300m each, 450m each


Run 800 m


Sumo Deadlift high pulls 135/95

16/12 cal on bike or rower