Wednesday September 19, 2018


18 min AMRAP*

6 right arm right leg kb front rack lunge 70/53

6 left arm left leg kb front rack lunge 70/53

15 toes to bar

*Girls AMRAP calories on the bike/row from 0:00-4:00 and add those calories to reps to get your total. Guys AMRAP calories on the bike/rower from 6:00-10:00 and add those calories to reps.

Score is total reps.

Finisher: in any order complete at 70-80% effort;

1 Mile bike

500 m row

400 m run

Tuesday September 18, 2018


Back Squat


These are all working sets with the 1-1-1 being the heaviest.


14 min emom

even: 10 bar facing burpees

odd: 10 back squats 155/105*

*the final 3 sets are for max total reps. Add reps from all 3 sets to get a single total.



15 min clock

5 heavy Push Press


“Pushing Nancy”

Run 400 m

15 push press 115/75

Friday September 14, 2018




Max Wallballs


Max snatches 135/95


max clean and jerks 135/95

4:00-5:00 rest

Continue this pattern until you reach 150 wallballs, 30 snatches, or 30 clean and jerks. Once you do, finish working on the remaining movement until reps are complete.

Onve you complete one those movements remove it from the clock as well. So technically rounds are starting at 5:00(including rest) and become 1 min shorter.

Finisher: for those want to give a little more.

with a partner: 12 min

max cal row or bike(switch every 2 min)


Thursday September 13, 2018

Cardio session in full effect!


4 Rounds

600 meter Row

400 meter Run

20 ab exercises of your choice

Rest 2 minutes between rounds



-Choose 2 of the movements to superset 8-12 reps each

Narrow Grip Chin up

Wide Grip Pull-up

barbell row

double kb bent over row

-Choose 2 of the movements to superset 8-12 reps each

Dumbell lateral raise

Dumbell press

Upright row

Arnold Press