Friday August 17, 2018

Another Partner Workout… (That you can do solo if you want!)


skin the cat

Bar Pullover

and Forward Roll(Somersault)


5 rounds

400 m Overhead Barbell Carry 135/95

200 m Tandem Barbell Carry any style

5 bar pull overs scale to skin the cats on rings, forward rolls or other. Even a cartwheel modification is okay.


Thursday August 16, 2018


Floor Press




10 minute AMRAP

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Overhead Squats 135/95

Max Chest to bar Pull ups*

*this can be scaled to jumping chest to bar or ring rows for many athletes. For the super competitive it can be made more difficult by scaling up to Ring Muscle Up.

Wednesday August 15, 2018


10 Min emom

Run 80 yards(40 yards out/40 back)


Workout: 15 Min with Partner

15 Sumo Deadlifts 275/185

45 Medball See The Lights 20/14*

*Partner holds a plank

Tuesday August 14, 2018


Front Squat w/pause at the bottom and no bounce

7 x 5 (including warm up sets)



8 min AMRAP

10 Thrusters 115/75

12 Box Jumps 24/20

Monday August 13, 2018

Skill: Choose 1

Squat clean: Build to a heavy single


2 min on fast assault or row/2 min off x 3 rounds*

*During rest period 20 Jumping Jacks



4 rounds

Run 200 m

12 below the knee hang power cleans 185/125

12 toes to bar