Iron Mile Prep 

Workout 1: 

30 min emom 

Min 1: 3 heavy front squats

Min 2: :30 ovhd hold(use yoke if possible)

Min 3: Rest
Workout 2:


1 min grasshoppers(try to pick a pace that you can work the whole time)

1 min rest

1 min hollow rocks 

1 min rest

1 min deadlifts 205/135

1 min rest 

Iron Mile wk?

Workout 1

350 feet of walking lunges with an d-ball or Atlas Stone in your gut

Men @ 115 pounds or more—Women @ 65 pounds or more

If you don’t have a d-ball  or Atlas Stone find an odd object and let it rip
Workout 2

400 m farmer carry. Pick something challenging. Every drop run back to start and do 25 wallballs.

Iron Mile week 4

Workout 1:

Strong when your tired….

5 rounds 

2 min AMRAP w/1 min rest 

Row 250 m then with remainder of 2 min as many 50′ bear hug carries as possible. At the two minute mark drop the ball, rest for the minute, row, and then go back and pick up where you left off.

Workout 2:

8 rounds

200 m run+50 yard yoke carry @2-3x body weight. 

Iron Mile Prep Week 2

Workout 1

(no belt if at all possible. Even lighten loads if needed. The Iron Mile takes more than a belt and grit. To do it well, you need a strong mind and a strong core!)

3 sets

30 unbroken deadlifts 95/65

20 unbroken KB swings using a moderate weight

10 burpees

15 min of hip and low back mobility. A massage doesn’t count, a glass of wine doesn’t count, you gotta mash, roll out, and mobilize that tissue.

Workout 2

12 min

100 weighted box step ups

100 ab mat sit ups

AMRAP 50m yoke carry 275/185