Row a chill 5 k+bike a chill 3 miles


If you do more than this its up to you but, I’m guessing you’re going to need to be at your absolute best for .4. 


Warm up: 60 cal row+5 min emom of 1 round of Cindy

A) 20 min emom

Even: 100 yard sprint(:20 or less)

Odd: 2 tire flips(girls partner if possible and do partner tire flips) 

B) 9 min clock: 1000 m row+100 dubs+max ring dips(goal is to be done with row and dubs in 5 minutes.)

C) class


16.3 is the priority. After that pick and choose from here.

Warm up: run for 3 minutes walk for one x 3 rounds

:20 static hip ext hold+10 hip ext+2 min of mobility x 3


50 deadlifts 165/110

40 box jump over 24/20 (no landing on top)

30 wall balls 

20 cal row

10 thrusters 165/110

B) class workout

C) box squat build to a heavy 5, but don’t fail. Then move to a heavy 3, but don’t fail. Then a heavy single but don’t fail. 


16.3 if you haven’t already.

If you are going Sunday, rest today or work on bar muscle ups if you need to. But if you can do today’s warm up and mobilize for sure. 

Warm up

250 m row+200 m run+15 he x 3 rounds

Mobilize 15 min(focus on hips and hammies)

250 m row+200 m run +15 ring dips+10 chest to bar x 3

A) Diane+


Deadlift 225/155


Rest 1 min


Same couplet

B) Double eye level KB swing 35×2/25×2

1 min on 1 min off x 3 rounds

C) 15-12-9-6-3

Wall balls 30/20

Box jump 30/24

Calorie row


Warm up: ski 250m+15 wall balls 20/14 x 5 rounds

Mobilize 15 minutes

Warm up: ski 250m+15 wall balls 20/14 x 5 rounds

Supposed to be written twice:)

A) class

B) 30 min AMRAP

Run 400 m + 60′ hsw

C) 5 min AMRAP 

5 power snatch 165/110

5 muscle ups