I can say this until I’m blue in the face but, it won’t really matter… Anyone can do this volume but, that doesn’t mean you should. If you don’t get bodywork, high quality food, great supplements, and adequate sleep then you are doing more work for less gains. If your not sure what this means talk to me.

Take rest days.

Break up your training day in a way that works for you.

Warm up

10 burpees EMOM for 10 min

20 min mobility 

Work in 10 reverse hypers+10

GHD SU+10 ohs w/115 x 4

A) 27 cal Bike+21 Thrusters 95/65+15 clean and jerk 95/65+9 power snatch 95/65 X 3 rounds

B) find 3 rep btk hang full snatch

C) row 1k+20 muscle ups+40 pullups+100′ front rack lunge 135/95

D). Class 

Not the skill though.

E) accessory nft 
10 barbell

New Years Day

Warm up: alt w partner

10 bb thrusters+10 box jumps

A) 12 min partner AMRAP 

50 narrow grip HSPU(partner holds deadlift)

50 deadlifts 225/155(partner holds HSPU)

B) 4×11 min rounds(44 min clock)
Rnd 1: 750 m row

20 cal assault bike

10 squat cleans @ 75% of lifetime PR.

Rnd 2: 750 m row

20 cal assault bike

21 ttb+15 bjo 24/20+9 thrusters 205/125+3 legless 

Rnd 3: 750 m row

20 cal assault bike


Snatch 205/125



Rnd 4: same as 2.

Session 2:

Ring dip+Walking lunges+KB swing+rowing intervals

Mix up any way you need to. 

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New Years Eve.

Rest day.

I know… You plan on taking Friday off too. Still rest. It’s amazing what it will do for your stress levels and your results. Long slow cardio acceptable if it’s not too long and is actually slow. If conditioning is not your obvious weakness, you should not do a long slow cardio session. Get a massage or something instead.


Warmup Row 5 min chill pace then 5 minutes :20 sprint/40 chill

5 min emom 

10 burpees over the rower. Do this starting right After the row


A) 12 min emom

24/18 cal row 

Rest 8 min

B) 3 rounds

50 1-arm KB ohs 53/35.            (switch as needed)

7 bar MU

20 med ball GHD SU 14/10

Rest 10 min

C) 10 minutes build to a power clean+thrusters+split jerk

Rest 3 min

D) 12 min emom 

1 btk hang power clean+ power clean+split jerk

E) class


Warm up: 20 minutes of cardio

Every 4 min do 1 round of Cindy

20 min Mobilize 

A) 400 m run + 12 ctb pullups rest two minutes X 4

B) 800 m run + 15 HSPU rest two minutes X 3

C) 3 rounds

1 legless+15 heavy ball over the shoulder 100/70+1 clean and jerk 225/155+15 wallballs 30/20

D) class