Warm up:

10 min chill run

70 pistols

Rest 2 min

60 db snatches (70/45)

 rest 2 min

50 ring dips

Rest 2 min

40 ctb pullups

B) 3 sets: max time weighted hip ext hugging 45lb plate. Then drop plate and do 15 hip ext.

C) 400m run + 20 hspu as many strict rest 2:00 x 4

D) 400m run + 20 box jumps 24/20 rest 3:00 x 3

E) 40 thrusters 95/65 for time. Do this last and only if you did everything else.


Warm up:

1 round of Cindy emom for 20 min

If you can’t handle the work in :40 or less; cut the push-ups in half(and Half again if need be). Please drive your knees out and keep your chest up in the squats; so help me God…


A) bear complex(1 power clean+1 fs+1 pj+1 back squat+1 pj)

Build to a heavy 2 rep. That’d be the above complex 2x through without dropping the bar.

Don’t cluster and back rack thruster.

B) 1 bear complex emom X 10 min

C) 750 m row+20 burpees over the rower+2 min rest X 4

D) 100 d ball over the shoulder

E) add something if you like… But don’t leave the gym destroyed.


Warm up:

Run 800 m

10 kb swings emom for 10 min 70/50

Run 800 m


A) 30 dubs+1 snatch every :90 for 10 rnds.

B) partner(both complete hsw. On hsw both can work simultaneously) 60 ttb+ 80′ hsw+60 ghd+ 80′ hsw+60 ttb

C) Jackie or class


Chill day.

Rest, make up, class or 6 mile bike recovery.


Row 1500 m+run 800m+ski+500m+bike 1 mile


A) 3-6-9-12-15

Unbroken snatch 135/85(no press outs or starfishing)


Unbroken butterfly ctb



triple unders
ghd sit ups

Deadlifts 185/125

C) 7×3+1

Hang power clean plus jerk. These are for speed and technique. Strength is a secondary factor. No starfishing or press outs.