This time of year is about dialing in your intensity. Learning how to push with the time frame your given. If your trying to build out an engine, get a 5 lb PR, or become a different athlete your off track. The tools you have are what they are. Does that mean no more weakness work? It means way less weakness work. Position, technique and long slow cardio is great for weakness but even too much of that can become a bad thing.

Remember you are going to be tested on one 15 minute metcon per week. 75 minutes total over 5 weeks. You don’t need volume. Tuesday and Wednesday are just programmed as class plus 15 minutes or less of weakness and mobility(I’m recommending ROMWOD each day but thats up to you).

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Warm up:
10 min EMOM
Even: 25 hollow Rocks
Odd: 12 burpees


A) 10 min AMRAP
Every drop :45 of d-ball bear hug 100/70

B) class workout

C) 10 min AMRAP
MAX THRUSTERS(x 5’s) 165/110


Less volume here… by design.

Warm up: 10 Minute bike

Mobilize 15-20 min

A) class
Skill:bar muscle up
12 minutes of practice

Hand release push ups
5 Bar Muscle Up*

8 rounds(18.zero standards)
400 m run
20 alt db Snatch 50/35
20 lateral burpees over the dumbbell


Warm up
Same as yesterday


A)2 power snatch + 1 full snatch EMOM x 15 minutes

Front Squat
12 min EMOM
Even 10 unbroken reps
Odd rest

10 hang power snatch 115/75
10 ohs 115/75
Run 400 m
20 hang power snatch 115/75
20 ohs
Run 400
10 hang power snatch 115/75
10 ohs

C) every 5 min for 30 min
1 Mile Assault + 5 strict hspu+10 kipping hspu+15 push-ups

D) 15 min
Run 2 min
Walk :30


If you can split this into two parts. If you can’t do what you can to maintain maximum intensity.

Warm up:
2 rounds chillish pace
1k row
25 burpees


A) 1x
:30 max chest to bar pull-ups
Rest 1 min(single unders)
:30 max chest to bar

B) 2 power cleans + 1 full clean EMOM x 15 minutes

C) Partner Workout
3 min row for cal
3 min single arm db thrusters 50ish/35ish
3 min row for cal
3 min single arm db thrusters 50/35
Rest 3 min
3 min max over your partner burpees
3 min max toes to bar

D) Weakness work

3 rounds
15 hollow rocks
15 underhand Barbell rows

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