Warm up:

Chill Row 4 min + 4 x :20 sprint/40 chill


A) class

B) FOR TIME(30 min cap)

<1 min x 10 rounds

12/9 cal bike + 10 ghd

Rest as needed to complete both movements inside a 1 min or less window.

Time is the the point at which you start the first round until your final ghd on your last round.

C) emom until failure

Even: 5 deadlifts 365/265

Odd: 2 Burpee muscle up*

Add 1 Burpee mu every round(2 rounds for girls) until failure. If you don’t have muscle ups start with 4 Burpee chest to bar and add 1 rep each round. Score last completed minute.


Warm up:


500 m row+2 rounds of Cindy



25 unbroken CTB or 30 however

15 unbroken CTB or 20 however

25 burpee box jump overs

100 ft hs walk

25 Burpee box jump overs

100 ft hs walk

15 unbroken CTB or 20 however

25 unbroken CTB or 30 however

B) class

C) 5 min max GHDSU

D) 4 sets of 12 weighted box step ups


Warm up:

10 min x 12 burpees



Pick up to 3 of these

-Make up


-move on to recovery


Warm up

Run 800 m

Row 1000 m

Run 800 m


A) Class

B) 10 min emom

Even: 5 strict hspu+10 kipping hspu

Odd: 16/12 cal Assault

At 10 minutes: for time;

50 burpees+35 wallballs 30/20+3

20 box jumps 24/20

C) 3 x 20 front rack lunges.

First set should be tough. Second and 3rd harder than that.


Warm up:

10 rounds

Rolling 150’s 3/2 muscle ups +/-1 for every meter. If you are failing or breaking into multiple sets just do 3/2 + 1 mu if you don’t land exact.

If no muscle ups;

10 rounds

Rolling 150’s 3 chest to bar+4 ring dip +/-1 RING DIP ONLY for every meter.


A) 12 min emom

Same minute. 10/7 cal row+10 pull-ups

At any point after completing 4 successful minutes you can move to 12/9+10 then do so.

If you fail take a minute off and get back on track or cut down your reps to what you think you can get consistently.

B) class metcon. Push this pace guys!

C) 3x 3 Deadlift + 3 sumo deadlift

New set every 2-3 minutes

D) weakness work