Warm Up:

Row 4 min+6 min :15 sprint/:45 chill


A. Gymnastics with April

B. Saturday Class


2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

Build to heavy


10 rounds with a partner performed I go; you go.

10 Burpees+200m Med Ball Run

After 10 Rounds is done

100 Box step Overs holding two DB

C. 10 Minute Clock

30/20 Muscle Ups

30/20 Strict HSPU

Max Legless Rope Climbs w remaining time


Perform in the most optimal order for your schedule. Although Lifting first makes the most sense on this day.

Warm Up: 4 min Chill Bike+6 min :15 sprint/:45 chill


A. Snatch


Shoot for 3 singles north of 90% of your 1 rep max. Obviously if you feel good go for the PR.

B. 4 sets for Quality

10 Alternating DB strict Press(Hold two DB and alternate pressing reps)

3 Bar Muscle Ups+10 toes to bar(idea is to hang on in between and create a smooth transition)

20 Shoulder taps(use the wall to make positioning as crisp as possible)

C. For time

15 Box Jumps 40/30


DBall Front Squats 100/70 (Ball held in front of body)

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Warm up:

16 min row w/partner

non rowing partner runs 200 m switch upon return


A. 5×2 no hook no foot snatch

B. Front Squat +Split Jerk to max

C. Class

Finisher 50/40 strict pull-ups



Warm Up:

1500m row+15 Burpees


A. 5×2 No Hook No Foot Full Clean

B. 10 Min AMRAP

100/75 Cal Bike + Max Shoulder to Overhead 165/115(use rack)

C. Class Workout

Finisher: 10 down to 1

Unbroken Strict toes to bar