Warm up:

10 wallballs every :30 for 5 min

Run 800 m


A. To max: 

1 hang snatch+1 full snatch+ohs (linked)

B. 3×60’ Double Kb ovhd lunge

C. Class

D. Weakness: no pressing though

E. Every 5 min for 20 min

50/40 cal bike



Warm up:

Run 800 m

Bike 1 mile

Row 1k 


A. 1 rm box squat

B. 2×5 Back Squats(heavy sets)

C. Every 3 min for 9 min

1 set of max muscle up

D. Class

E. 7 rounds

:20 sprint row/2:40 moderate row

Goal is to raise spike the heart rate(90%) and then be able to bring it down to moderate(70%). 90% and 70% are measurable with a heart rate monitor but perceived level is fine.


Warm up: 2x3min row moderate+1 min fast

A. 135 pull-ups 

10 hspu e every break 

Start w a BIG set. Then settle into rhythm 

B. 1 rm max sumo dead

C. 2touch and go dead’s every 2 min  x 8 min

D. Pick 1(based on weakest lift)

3×8 Barbell row

3×8 ghr

3×8 pause front squat 



:20 work/:40 rest

Sled push max distance 4×45’s/3×45’s


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Warm up: 8 min

150 dubs 

Single under the remaining time. Every miss stop and do 10 air squats.


A. Bench press to max

B. 3×3 close grip bench 

C. For time

100’ hsw

15/12 cal bike

80’ hsw

15/12 cal bike

60’ hsw

15/12 cal bike

40’ hsw

15/12 cal bike

20’ hsw 

15/12 cal bike


500 m row-400m row-300m row-200m row-100m row

Partner workout

8 rounds(alt rounds w a partner)

15/12 ca…

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Warm up:

7 min emom x 11 burpees nose breathing from start to finish and no moving during rest periods.


A) high hang(hip) snatch

Emom x 12 starting at 155/105

B) 2100 m row+15 oh squats 225/155+9 Legless rope climbs


D) Make up Or weakness. Stay away from bench and pressing