Warm up: 2500 m row


A) Team of 3


Tire Flip(whatever it takes. 1, 2 or 3 athletes working on Tire at one time.)

200 m sled push 5×45’s added/3×45’s added(one athlete pushing at a time)

Run 400 m(all 3 run together)

B) make up missing parts from this week


Warm up: 

Rolling 100’s 

3 muscle ups +/-1 for each meter. Cap at 6 total per set. Also MU must be done in one set. 


A) trying to keep this weightlifting portion in here. Help me by adhering to the time constraints and no-misses standard when stated.

15 minutes max

5×2 Touch n go Power Clean. No star fishing and no misses.

A.1) 10 minutes max

clean pulls 


B) Back squat 6×2 at 80%

C) teams of 3

Row 6k. Alternating every 250m. Before getting on for your next turn you must do 40′ hsw or assault bike 15/12 cal; whichever is better suited to your weakness.

D) 6 rounds 

200 m med ball run 30/20

10 burpees 

5 strict hspu


Accumulate 3 min D Ball hold 100/70*

Accumulate 2 min Legless hang on the rope



Active recovery:

20-45 min

Ideally this is zone 1 lower level aerobic work. Conversation pace. 

If I had to choose what everyone did…

10-15 min row+10-15 min bike+10-15 min ski.

Then short 10-15 min mobility.


Warm up: Row 1k(sprint last 150)

3×5 strict chin-up+10 v ups+15 squats

Row 1k(sprint last 150)


A) 12 min

1 full snatch(start at 135/95)

Get as heavy as you can manage with no pressouts and no misses

B) Back Squat 

6×3 at 80%

C) 10-8-6-4-2

Bar Muscle up 

Squat snatch 115/75

D) class or weakness


3×10 Bulgarian Split Squat

3×25 Hip Ext

3×10 single arm press


Warm up: 2500 m row



10 down to 1 

Unbroken Power Clean 185/115

10 unbroken TTB

B) 4 rounds

10 deficit hspu on 50/35 lb db’s 

10 strict press 50’s/35’s

25/20 cal bike

C) 4×500 m row+200 m run w 2:00 rest