Warm up:

1 k ski+25 burpees+1 k row+25 burpees


A) 4 sets snatch balance + ohs

Build to a heavy set that feels like your getting enough weight and getting good technique work

B) full snatch + 5 overhead squats at 80-100% of A.

C) class(on class skill the goal is moderate weight with exceptional for and speed. Not speed through the six reps but speed on each rep. Follow weight down with quick reset each rep)

D) 10 minute AMRAP

4 right shoulder d ball kneeling get ups 100/70

4 left shoulder d ball kneeling get ups 100/70

4 bear hug d ball kneeling get ups 100/70

E) weakness up to 1 hour w/ gymnastics or engine bias.


Warm up:

20:00 clock

1 min bike

1 min row

Start out chill for the first few minutes of each and finish with a decent steady pace you can maintain.

A) 3 sets of 20/15

Strict bar dip

Strict wide grip pull-up

B) 3 sets of

6/4 ring muscle up

6/4 bar muscle up

C) 3 sets of

25 ghd

25 hip ext

D) every 4 minutes for 20 min

20/16 cal bike all out + 10-8-6-4-2 Deads

(225/275/315/365/405) (155/185/205/245/275)

Ex: 0-4:00 20 cal plus 10 deads then rest remaining. 4-8:00 20+8 then rest… etc.

E) class


Warm up

Nose breathing to start and slowly pick up the pace as you go.

10 min Assault bike+800m run+10 min row+800 m run



4 sets

10 sumo deads

15 reverse hypers

20 eye level swings (heels down firing with the hips)

B) 3×6-8 glute ham raises

C) 18 min AMRAP

6 bar muscle ups

10 thrusters 155/105

14 ttb


Warm up

1 round of Cindy EMOM x 10 minutes


A) build to heavy 1 full clean+1 hang squat clean

B) max strict sets of 6 unbroken strict hspu in 7 minutes. Scale to insure you can do a set of 10; but then just do 6’s to get more total reps in. TAKE A VIDEO OR PIC.

C) class(try doing synchronized with a teammate)

D) partner-for time

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (225/145)

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (255/155)

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (275/175)

E) anything else you might need.


Warm up

Row 2500 m


A) 3 rm hang snatch(linked)

A.1) split jerk to daily 1 rm

B) class

C) more for quality than time. If numbers are too much go of the time caps on each movement.

7/4 legless rope climbs (3:00 min cap)

14/10 bar muscle ups(3:00 min cap)

28 chest to bar(3:00 cap)

14/10 bar muscle up (3:00 cap)

7 legless (3:00 cap)


1500 m row

150 double unders

1000 m row

100 double unders

500 m row

50 double unders