Warm up:

2500 m row plus accessory from yesterday if you didn’t do it.


A) class

B) 4 rounds

2 Atlas Stone to shoulder(1 min total time per round here)

4 ohs 205/135

6 power cleans 205/135

80 yard farmer carry 88×2/70×2

C) 10 min emom

50-75 dubs*

*if you can’t do these numbers just do 500 for time

D) weakness work


Warm up: same as yesterday


A) 10(no jump)/7 Legless rope climbs for time

B) snatch to heavy double. Drop between

C) class

D) 2 rounds

400 m run

40/30 cal row

20 strict hspu(sub kipping if you have to)

15 power snatch 185/114


Accumulate 3 min in L sit using ring support 

In between sets rest and do 5 ring rows as slow as possible


Warm up: run 4 min out+4 min back


A) class

B) 21 min emom

Min 1: 5/3 muscle ups for pretty

Min 2: 1 power clean+1 hang squat clean+1 fs 

Min 3: rest

C) 4×10 (10 per side)

Goblet box step up 53/35 or 70/53


3x row 750m

Rest 2 min


Warm up:

2500 m row


A) 6×3 back squat… same load across

B) class WOD(your only pure CF workout of the day. Slay it.)

C) 4×12 (each leg) Bulgarian split squat 

D) 10 min emom

Even: 15 ghd sit-ups

Odd: 15 hip extensions 

E) every 3 min for 9 min 

Max effort set of freestanding shoulder taps. Minimum per set is 20. So if you don’t get 20 then kick up again and get there.


Rest or recovery… i.e. 20-30 minutes of aerobic work