Warm up:

7 min emom x 11 burpees nose breathing from start to finish and no moving during rest periods.


A) high hang(hip) snatch 

Emom x 12 starting at 155/105 

B) 2100 m row+15 oh squats 225/155+9 Legless rope climbs


D) Make up 


Warm up:

1250 m row(sprint last 250)

5 rounds

5 ring pull-ups

10 lateral box jumps(land on top)

:15 L sit

1250 m row(sprint first 250)

A) every :90 x 10

Starting at 155/105 and moving up as often as possible. No misses.

Halting Clean Deadlift(halt for 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000)+Full clean(drop between DL and Clean)

B) 6×2 Back Squat at 80%

C) 50/35 Muscle ups for time* **

*20/15 cal between sets

**First set happens at buzzer but must be strict until failure. If no strict MU then start with the bike.

Scaling options: For today if you don’t have muscle ups, figure out what the biggest reason you don’t is. Work on that for 15 minutes. Figure out the second reason you don’t. Work on that for 10 minutes. Need ideas text me or ask a more seasoned athlete.


Warm up: 4 min ski+4 min bike+25 Burpee box jumps


A) 3x

Min 1: 10 Push Jerk 135/95

Min 2: 8 push jerks 185/115

Min 3: 6 push jerks 205/135

Min 4: 4 push jerks 225/155

Min 5: 2 push jerks 245/165

1st round do this as written. The second round do it as written through the set of 4. In the set of 2 go as heavy as you like. In the third set do it as written through the set of 6. In the sets of 4 and 2 go as heavy as you like.

B) 6×5 back squats @ 80%

C) Class WOD

D) 1500 m row+100 double unders+50 eye level swings 100/70+25 strict hspu


3x30pistols(15 right+15 left) 

3×15 upright rows

3×5 strict muscle up


Warm up: 

15 min emom

Min 1: 18/12 cal row

Min 2: run 200

Min 3: 15 kb swings 53/35


A) 12 min emom

1 full snatch + 1 ohs starting weight should be 135/95. Move up as often as possible. But no misses. If you miss your done.

B) 6×2 back squat at 80%

C) class metcon

D) 3 rounds

400 m run+400 m run w/20/14 lb med ball

Rest 2 min between rounds

Right into:

3 rounds 

200 m run+200 m run w/medball

Rest 2 min between rounds


Warm up

Row 1k sprint last 250m+3 rounds 7 ring pull-ups 14 push ups 21 squats+1k row sprint FIRST 250m

A) 4 rounds 

35 ghd sit-ups

7 power snatch 205/135

B) class metcon(but with v-ups; unless for some reason you have to only do class WOD or do class WOD first then do ghd sit-ups.)



-300′ hsw

-60 strict chin-ups. If your opening set is less than 5 scale to 40 chins. If your opening set is less than 3 go back to 60 but add the lightest band possible to get 7 unbroken.

300 dubs. Ideally this would be one set. Two sets of 150 or even 3 sets of 100 is still good.