a) 4×1000 m row @ same pace as last week.

B) EMOM as long as needed 

strict press x 3 starting at 95/65 add weight each round until failure. Then switch to push press x 3 at whatever weight you missed. The switch to push jerks x 3 until failure.

C) a lot of folks missed the 

10 Rnds 

Run 100 ft + 1 legless rope climb



Monster Mash.


A) do the programming you missed.


Ideally do this session with some space in between your class workout session. Definitely eat something and recover a bit even if you can’t do two distinct training sessions.

A) run 400 m+15 HE+15 GHDSU+1 min rest x 3

B) 5×3 muscle up with 4 second decent 
5×3 muscle up with 3 second decent 

5×3 muscle up with a pause at both dip positions

C) 10 rounds

Run 100′

1 legless rope climb


a)100 double-unders

75-calorie row

50 dumbbell step-ups

Men 45 lb db @ 24″                   women 30 lb @ 20″

B) front squat 5×5 @80-90% of squat clean Max 

C) 10 min EMOM 

Muscle ups. Athletes choose the most challenging rep count that you can maintain.