Find 1 rep max power snatch. Then do 80% for 6 more singles. No misses. If there is a miss go down to 70% and do 6 more singles.

7 min

Row 80 cal then max sets of 5 ring dips. Scale to 2-4 if 5 is not doable from the start. But don’t change midway through to allow for more reps.

200 dubs for time.


60 minute clock 

1 Full Snatch EMOM for 30 minutes. Building in weight.

1 unbroken set of muscle ups EMOM for 30 minutes. Try to do same rep count every time.


10 min AMRAP

5 unbroken bent over rows 155/105

5 strict hspu 

5 box jumps overs 30/24″

(clear the box)
15 min Build to a heavy log ground to ovhd. At 15 minutes drop the weight(athletes choice) and perform 25 for time.


A) 15 rope climbs-no jumping to start climb.

B) 1 front squat 95/65

Add 10 lbs every minute until failure.

C) 7×75 yards sprint. Rest is slow walk back.


Travel 7000m in 45 minutes or less.
Choose any combination of rowing, running or biking (each meter worth half a meter). Cannot just row or just run

5 sets of 10 hip ext 45/35 plate+10 w/no plate(20 reps total per set)