Warm up: athletes choice strict chin ups and reverse hypers

5 min of mobility

A) run 2 miles every 3 minutes 20 walking lunges. Use the longest lunge possible for these. Step in the direction you are running.

B) 10 min mobility

C) partner Iron Mile

1 mile yoke carry 315/225 w 3 burpees over the yoke each as a penalty for switches and drops.

D) 5 min mobility(loosen up those hips)

E) 10 min emom

Even) 2 power cleans 225/155+2 muscle ups

Odd) 2(or more) power cleans+2(or more) muscle ups

Score is total Power cleans+total muscle ups. Minimum work is 2 of each every minute. If you don’t get that, your score for that round is zero 🙁


Warm up

10 burpees emom for 10(15 first minute)


A)10 min of parallete handstand practice(no matter how bad you are!).    A.1) max front squats 225/155 in 3 min

B) :30 sec L sit+15 unbroken ttb+max strict pull-ups rest 3 min x 3 rounds.      B.1) 50 sdhp 115/75

C) 50 GHR for time.                                      C.1) 75 push press 75/55+25 strict press 75/55

D) class

E) 10 leg less rope climbs


Warm up2500 m row w 3 150m sprints

Mobilize for 20 min
A) 100 thrusters 95/65

Rest 3 min

B) 21-15-9

Power clean/HSPU 

Rest 4 min

C) 12-9-6

Run 400 m

Snatch 135/95

Muscle up

Rest 5 minutes

D) 50 ghd situps

E) class


Warm up10 burpees emom for 10 minutes
MOBILIZE for 20 minutes
A) split jerk to max
B) 10 down to 1

Shoulder to overhead 205/135

Chest to bar

Box jump 24/20

(If the round of 10’s takes longer than 1:45, scale. If you can’t go unbroken on the three movements on round of 10’s, scale. If you can’t rebound every set of box jumps the whole way, scale.)
C) 3 rounds

Run 400m+25 ghd+15 hip ext+rest 1 min

(Run so fast you don’t want to do 25 ghd right away… And then do them right away.)
D) class is like a blended version of what we are doing here today. Although the pull-ups and box jumps probably will have a very different pacing…

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comp work tomorrow will be something like:Warm Up:

200m sled drag forward+200 m sled drag backward 135/90 (keep heels down walking speed)

3 rounds:

10 revers hypers

10 strict ring pullups

10 barbell rows

3 min mobility


cal row


alt db snatch 65-75 lbs/45-55 lbs

Run 400m after each round

200 Dubs 

9 rope climbs

150 Dubs

7 rope climbs

100 Dubs

5 rope climbs
c) Class Skill as Pause Bench Press 
D) Class WOD