MondayWarm Up

Row 5 minutes

Every :30 rotate through 5x

10 pullups

10 push ups

10 box jumps 
Mobilize 15 minutes
A) 5 rounds(15 min cap)

20 cal Row+1 round of DT
B) 5 rounds(30 min Cap)

1 mile AB+1 round of heavy DT
C) class or 30 MU for time


Warm up

Tabata double unders 

Assault bike 3 miles then :20 sprint/:40 chill pace X 5

A) same as class workout from yesterday

Every 4 minutes for 6 rounds

20 box jump overs 24/20

20 hang PC 

20 deads

Rounds 1-2:135/95

Rounds 3-4:185/115

Rounds 5-6:205/135

If you are finishing past the 3:15 mark do not go up in weight.

B) 25 min to build to a heavy snatch+OHS 

C) class or 



6 rounds of:

Min 1: 12/10 Cal Ski Erg

Min 2: 15/12 Cal Assault Bike

Min 3: 18/15 Calorie Row

Min 4: 50 Double unders

Min 5: 200m Run

D) take as long as you…

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Chill 5 k run/row would be awesome. 

Light work acceptable if you had a light day or two this week. PRing any lift, metcon, or cardio peace is not light.


1250 m row then 20 sec all out/40 sec chill pace X 6

Mobilize prehab 

Metcon 1) t.u.p. From ..com 


P clean 135/95

Pull up 

Front squat 135/95

Pull up 

Rest as needed then 
People get 

In line unbroken muscle ups ascending +30 du 

So 1 mu + 30 du back in line 

2 mu etc…….when you break you are out 

Rest as needed 

30 min gymnastic walking and skill work 

Squat 6×3 
Margaux coaches 4pm 

Metcon 2 tbd

Accessory 25gh hip extensions + max strict chin ups + max free standing shoulder taps x4 rounds nft …

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Because a lot of us are going to try to workout with Katie Hogan, Alexandra LaChance, Margaux, Lorin Adams etc. on Wednesday; we are going to follow what they are doing today. If you are not used to this volume, scale or modify as needed.

Warm up
20 min Assault bike chill pace then 7 cal emom X 5 minutes 

25 minutes of mobility

A) Not For Time(10 min cap)

50 strict HSPU open standards 

Every break 1 legless rope climb

B) find 1 rm Push press then 1 rm push jerk

C) emom for 10 minutes 

1 push press+1 push jerk

D) 3 rounds 

10 HSPU + 30/20 cal row

E) 2 rounds

10 HSPU+25 toes to bar

F) 3 rounds

1 k row+1…

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