MondayWarm up

Run for a while(up to 20 min)


A) 2 deadlift+1 power clean+jerk

Find a 1 rm. No press outs. No red lights.

B) 4 rounds/3:00 rest

5 min AMRAP

10 power snatch 135/95

20 box jumps 24/20

30 wallballs

40′ bear crawl

C)100 HSPU for time

D) class(although you may want to skip the skill work)


Warm up

Athletes choice

A) barbell club or 

1. “Big Clean Complex”

6 Sets of the Following Complex:

High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press

High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk

High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk

1 complex = all 12 reps without dropping the bar. Rest as needed between the sets.
Goal is to build in weight each set

(High Hang is from the pockets

Hang is from above the knee

I believe the world record is held by ZA Anderson at 260.)

B) 4 rounds

36 cal assault bike+26 cal row+16 burpees over the rower+6 bar MU 

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Warm up

1250 m row then 6 rounds :15 sprint+:45 chill pace

3 rounds

20 hip ext+10 r leg bridges+10 l leg bridges+3 min of mobility 

A) 3×10 TnG deadlift all sets heavy(315/225 minimum)

If you can’t do this RX do not do the emom. Add 2 more sets of 5 reps. At at least 20lbs over your last set of 10.

B) 12 min EMOM. 3 tng deadlifts 365/255 + 5 box jumps 30/24

C) 4×400 m w 2 min rest 40-30-20-10 yard lunge w/2×70 lb KB/2×53 lb kb

D) 800 m med ball run+15 rope climbs+50 unbroken dubs+50 wallballs 30/20+



Active recovery is totally fine. Row 5-10k at a moderate pace.


Run 2-4 miles

Or play with your kids for an hour-7 hours.


Warm up

3 rounds 1.5 mile assault bike+10 ring rows+15 push-ups+5 GHR

3 rounds

30 ub dubs+30′ hsw 

A) 3 rounds3 legless rope climbs

10 clusters 165/110

6 rope climbs

20 BF burpees

B) 20 min Emom 

Alternating Minutes

Row 20/15 cal

1 round of Cindy 

c) front squat 3×5 same weight