Warm up

30 non-stop nose breathing burpees

Row 600

Bike 1 mile


A) class

B) 4x

10 jumping lunges

400 m run

10 jumping lunges

Rest :90

Run 400 m

Rest 2 min

C) 3 rounds

15 v-ups

20 alternating db push press heavy/heavy

40 Plate ground to ovhd’s 25/15

Rest 1 min

D) bench press



Warm up

Run 1 mile


A) 12 min EMOM

Even: 5 back squats

Odd: 15 ghd sit-ups

At 12 minutes:

3 rounds

21 cal row

15 burpees

9 hang power cleans 225/155

B) gymnastics or up to 1 hour of gymnastics/gymnastics weakness work


4 rounds NFT

30 hip ext

2/1 pegboard


Warm up: athletes choice


A) class

B) 4 rounds

3x400m at 5k w/ 30sec rest

5min between rounds.


Warm up:

3 rounds:

100′ burpee broad jump*

Run 500 m

*No falling forward. Only jump your feet back to drop down in the burpee


A) class

B) every 3 min for 15

3 muscle snatch

4 power snatch

5 squat snatch

Build up to best 3 muscle snatch. Then start from there. Focus on technique.

C) 3 rounds

40 double unders

30 ghd sit-ups

20 hip extensions

10 strict pull ups

D) up to 1 hour weakness


Warm up:

Rolling 150’s 3/2 muscle ups +1 for every meter over or under.


A) 4×4

Deficit Sumo Dead

Belt up and lift heavy. Stay in control of your midline though. Rounding through the lower back es no bueno.

B) class. I would choose the 10 rep deadlift variation with no belt. I would also think more about control. This is a volume builder in a hypertrophic rep range.

C) 5×5 weighted strict pull-up

D) up to 30 min of weakness work.


Barbell row 4×10

Reverse Hyper 4×15

Double ovhd kb hold 4×1 min