warm up:

10 min EMOM

16/12 pushups w/alt shoulder tap

w/remainder of each minute single under, shadow box, shuttle run or march in place.

mobilize as needed

Drop in between all your reps for the complexes

A. Power Snatch+2 full snatches



B. Split Jerk



C. Clean pull

12 x 2@90%

D. Back Squat

6×2 across

E. Class

Monday December 8, 2018

Warm up: 

8 min emom

20 wallballs 

10 burpees 

mobilize as needed


16 min emom+4 min AMRAP 

10 back squats 225/155*

10 CTB pull-ups

10 deadlifts 225/155

10 CTB pull-ups 

*From Floor

B. 4 rounds

10 strict DB press

10 kipping hspu on DB’s

Row 500 m

C. Midline work of your choice


Warm up: athletes choice

A. Snatch lift off+Snatch DL+High hang snatch pull+Hsng Snatch to max. The 3×1 @ 85%

B. Power clean and Push Jerk to max plus 3×1 @ 85%

C. Build to a heavy single BOX squat

D. 35/25 mu for time. 10 min cap

E. Class


Warm up: 4 rounds

250 m row

15 ghd sit ups

10 EL kb swings


A. Snatch 4×1 at 80% of best snatch from the past two weeks.

B. Clean and Jerk 4×1 at 80% of best clean and jerk in the last week

C. Back Squat 4×2 at 80% of best squat in the last two weeks

D. Class

E. Row 12 minutes AFAP while breathing in through nose and exhale through the mouth.


Warm up: athletes choice 

A. Power Snatch 

6×1 at 85% of yesterday’s max

B. Power clean and pause push jerk to max

Then 6×1 at 80%

C. Single arm dumbell power clean and overhead 

3 sets of 5 right +5 left

D. Heavy Yoke carry 50’ unbroken

E. Class