Run 5 min out+5 min back.




Aerobic infused gymnastics weakness. Ex: 3x800m run+10 unbroken whatever’s..


Assault bike 4 min chill+4x :20/:40+4 min chill


A) class

B) 1 snatch grip dead+1 full snatch every :90 x 10

Goal is no misses. Drop between dead and snatch.

C) 12 minute clock

75 ghd sit-ups

Amrap cal row


Warm up:

Row 1 k+4x :20/:40


A) class

B) every 10 min for 30 min

3 rounds 

20/16 cal Assault 

200 m run

C)  10 min emom

2 power clean+2 split jerk+2 barbell row 225/155

D) 50/35 strict chin-ups in as few sets as possible. No more than 7 sets.


So the focus is performing on 17.5

With that in mind the focus here is going to be not increasing soreness or adding much muscle fatigue as well.

If you are in the bubble and are trying to shoot to have a big jump on .5 then be prepared to go at it 2x for sure… and maybe even 3 depending on what it is.

Warm up:

10 min Assault + 10 min row + :30 on/:30 off x 10 min of bear crawl


A) 3×10

1 arm kb ovhd squat 

Bulgarian split squat 

B) 3×50′ hsw

(If this length is hard for you then go 3 lengths that are not hard. This portion should take no more than 4 min.

C) :20 sprint/:40 chill x 10 legs only assault bike


16 min Assault bike+6 min :20/:40

3 x Mobilize 3-5 min + 10 reverse hypers 

A) class

B) 10 strict mu+20 ohs 155/105+30 mu+20 ohs+10 strict mu


5×10 Barbell row 

5×15 hipext

5×20 shoulder taps