Both Jenn's and April are traveling but you guys can do this warm up along with the rest of us…

13 nose breathing burpees EMOM x 7 minutes


A) For time*
Strict hspu
Run 200 m
Run 200 m
strict pull-up
Run 200 m
Run 200 m

Add ab mats under the head or bands to be able to get 21's on Strict in 3 sets or less. For athletes who have the reps of each movement in this quantity I want to see all reps done unbroken. Notate if you accomplish this or not.

B) 7 sets
power snatch + full snatch (linked)

C) class or 5 rounds
10 Front Squats 205/135
10 KB swings 70/53
3 power cleans 205/135


Warm up:
20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 unbroken dubs.
Max 2 attempts at each set.

A) 20 min emom
Even: 3 NOT touch n go deadlifts 405/275
Odd: Max Cal Row :40

Record Cal each round.


C) every 5 minutes for 20 min
Ski 500 m
25 ghd su

4 sets for quality
15 hip extensions
15 reverse hypers
3/2 pegboard climbs

4 sets of 10 strict ttb


If you only have an hour then just do class.

Warm up:
2 mile bike+3 rounds of Cindy.


A) 15 min emom
1 squat clean and jerk start at 70-75% of your 1 rm and work up or down from there based on how you feel. Should be no misses. If you miss twice then stop and move on.

B) 1 up to 10 (15 min cap)
Unbroken Muscle Up
30' unbroken hsw

*this could be impossible for some. Utilize the cap and scale movements. If you don't have MU then use jumping muscle ups. If your best hsw will not allow you to complete hsw unbroken you can just get as far as you can in 2 sets. If you speculate your 2 sets will often be less than 20' on most rounds then sub out hsw for


Warm up
Row 1 k + 3 rounds: 30' best crawl+10 TTB+10 walking lunge


A) partner 30 min AMRAP**
100 cal bike
50 ring muscle ups
30 hspu
100 cal row
50 power snatch 155/105
30 hspu

**at 3-2-1 Go athletes must complete 200' hsw as a buy in to start the emom.

B) every 7 minutes for 28 min
Run 400 m
Sled push 100 yards (lighter sled so you can stay moving)
Run 200 m

C) 21-15-9 not for time
Hip ext
Reverse hyper
Strict TTB
Ab mat sit-up


Warm up:
1600 m row+(:20/:40 x 4)


A) back squat 1×1

B) clean and jerk to max

C) class

D) 50 yard ovhd carry+50 yard front rack+50 yard back rack

Do this 3x. All sets should be very heavy and done with no drops during each 50 yard portion. The transitions between are :15-:30 at most or even better… zero.

E) heavy breathing and suffering may seem to be at a minimal today. Don't ALWAYS see this as a bad thing. PUT YOUR BEST EFFORT FORWARD IN EACH PART!