Preferred order.

Warm up:

5 min ski+5 min bike+5 min row+5 min run

Any order



3×10 kb ovhd squat each arm

15 kb swings 70/53 after every working set of 10. Will end up doing 6×15


100 chest to bar pull-ups*

*5 two-for-one wallballs 20/14 to 10′ EMOM until CTB are done.

C) class.


3×20 single leg glute bridge

3×1 min side plank each side


Warm up:

15 burpees EMOM x 5 minutes

Nose breathing and mask or one nostril recovery

Mobilize 3-5 minutes



50 box jump overs 24/20

50 db deadlifts 50’s/35’s

40 box jump overs 24/20

40 db power cleans 50’s/35’s

30 box jump overs 24/20

30 db thrusters 50’s/35’s

B) class


Underhand barbell row

4×8 heavy+8 deadlifts with same bar

2 min Hip ext hold w 45/35 lb plate


Warm up: Row 3 minutes

30′ high knees

30′ butt kickers

60′ high knees

60′ butt kickers

Mobilize 2-3 minutes

30′ high knees

30′ butt kickers

60′ high knees

60′ butt kickers

Mobilize 2-3 minutes


Run 1000 M(at mile pace/moderate)

Rest for 00:03:00

Run 400 M(FAST)

Rest for 00:03:00

Run 700 M(Moderate)

Rest for 00:03:00

Run 300 M(FAST)

Rest for 00:03:00

Run 600 M(Moderate)

Rest for 00:03:00

Run 200 M(FAST)

B) class

C) 3x(no rest between rounds/6 minutes total time)

:30 handstand hold on the wall(unbroken)

:30 max push press 75/55(go fast and unbroken)

:60 pvc pipe press

If at any time you can’t hold the :30 on the wall or :30 max push press see if you can recover being able to do so by slowing down the pvc presses.


Warm up:

Run 1 mile+6x:20/40 Row


A) 5-4-3-2-1

Legless Rope Climb

Thruster 225/155

B) your weakest workout from the past week.

C) 4 rounds

:20 L-Sit

20 ghd sit ups

20 hollow rocks

Move quickly between the 3 movements. Rest as needed to get the L-sit unbroken.


Preferably in this order

Warm up:

15 min EMOM

Min 1: Row 15/12

Min 2: run 200 m

Min 3: 15 kb swings 53/35

@15 minutes run 800m


A) 10 min continuous sled drag.

May switch back and forth from walking back wards to walking forwards. Notate distance and load.

B) power snatch to 1 rm

As much time as needed. 2 misses then done though.

C) class

D) hero WOD Emily