hopefully you made yesterday work. With no programming up, class and make-up is a good default. Tuesday is an important training day during the open.

warm up:

chill 600 m row+200m fast x 3

a.5 sets: all heavy

Jerk dip+jerk dip+split jerk

B. :30 March with 100/70 lb db Ball

rest :30

x 6

c. Class metcon(if you want)

d) the warm up over again


Warm Up for 18.3

6 min Bike+100 single unders+20 air squats+10 pullups+10 push ups


3/2 MU+10 OHS 115/75+30 dubs

Let heart rate come back down then 18.3

after 18.3

Anderson Squat. build to a 3 rm from just above parallel.

20 min Clock

50 GHD+40 ring Rows+30 wallballs 30/20 to 10’+max Calorie Assault legs only with remaining time


Warm up:

10 min chill Assault bike legs only. Add in 3 twenty second sprints anywhere you want

3x:20 hip ext hold


A. 5 rounds

10 kipping hspu

10 box jumps 24/20

10 wallballs 20/14

10 Power Snatch 75/55

10 wallballs 20/14

rest 1 Minute

B. 12 minute assault bike… chillish with same sprints sprinkled in like the warm up



Warm Up:

5×50 UB double unders


A. For Time!

9-7-5-7-9/7-5-3-5-7 Muscle up*

400m Run

*Every break on MU=3 DBall over the shoulder. (Going unbroken and dropping to go run does not count as a break.)

B. Class Skill and Metcon


Warm up as needed

A. Redo 18.2/2A

B. 10 Min EMOM*
3 touch n go power snatches+5 narrow grip HSPU
Narrow grip=noticeably narrower than what you usually use.
*At 10 Minute mark 3 sets of 20/15 Unbroken Chest to bar pull-ups for time.
If you can’t do 25/20 unbroken chest to bar fresh then scale this to 10 sets of 5 chest to bars for time. If you can’t do 5’s scale this to regular pull-ups.

C. (If you have time) Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
Row 50/40 calories.

D. (If you have time) Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

10 front squats 225/155