Warm up:

12 min Assault +3 min :15/45 sprint/chill


A. 10×1

halting Snatch+power Snatch

First 3 sets at 135/95 on the 2 min

Last 7 sets building 

B. 5×2

Snatch grip Deadlift

C. Ever 4 min for 20 minutes

250 m row

15 cal bike

D. Class

200 m run

30 dubs/60 singles

Max pull-ups/hspu

E. Make up row from Monday


Warm up:

chill pace


cal row

7 right arm db thrusters 50/35

7 left arm db thrusters 50/35



A. 15 min to find 3 rm push press

B. Class

C. 4 sets of hand over hand sled pull

full length of white rope at end of the rig

rest 2-3 minutes between sets

D. Yesterday’s Row work or

every 5 minutes for 15 minutes

bear crawl 100’

1 mile Assault bike

10 jumping lunges



If you don’t F around(F stands for Fart) I think you can get the warm up, A, B and C done in an hour. It would be tough but doable. Allowing 90 minutes for A, B, and C  + 60 minutes for class would be better. Some of you already know you can’t do this and some know you can. I’d prioritize the strength work and class if I had to choose. Also part E is for those who have more than 2.5 hours(😳) or want to sub it for A, B, and C because they have a real engine bias!

Warm up

10 min emom

11 bf burpees


A) find a 1 rm clean and jerk

B) 3×3 back squat 

All heavy

C) every 3 minutes x 12 minutes

6/4 muscle ups<…

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warm up:

3 rounds 80%

40/30 cal bike or row

run 500 m

15 burpees

rest 2:00

A. To max

3 Front squat+1 push jerk

B. Class

C. 100 chest to bar*

*10 ring dips every drop.

D. 100 hollow rocks

emom 5 box jump 40/30”



Plus any make up work or something you stole from somewhere else.