Tuesday August 7, 2018

Back squat

7 reps per set can be tough to judge the right weight. Start a little conservative but then trust your legs and your training and push it a bit on the last set or two.

Thruster 115/75
Toes to Bar


Warm up:

10×10 burpees again except nose breathing

A. 15-12-9

Power cleans 225/155

Deficit HSPU 6/4”

B. 2 rounds

750 m row

400 m run

50 kb squats 53’s/35’s

25 double eye level KB swings 53’s/35’s


Hsw Practice

Accumulate 200-300’*

*Try to zig zag between the uprights of the rig for at least 50-100’

Monday August 6, 2018


3 rounds

3 min On/2 min Off

40 Burpees

Max Deadlifts 225/155*

In round 1 if you got less than 15 deadlifts lower your burpee reps by 10 for rounds 2 and 3


Do 3 rounds not for time

1 min Handstand hold or straight

arm plank(can break if needed)

1 min hollow hold


Warm up:

10 burpees EMOM x 10 minutes


5 rounds

:90 on/:90 off

Row 250 m

Max full snatch 115/75

Right into 

5 rounds

:90 on/:90 off

Row 250

Max Ring Muscle Ups

B. Class

C. 20 min run for distance

D. Performed right after C.

5×75 m sprints

Walk back is rest

Friday August 3, 2018

Workout: 20 min AMRAP

2 mile run, switch every 400m

While one partner is working, the other is working on:

2 rope climb

4 wall walks

6 KB SDHP (53/72)

8 KB Swings

If you finish your 2 miles before the time cap, then both of share the work and continue AMRAP without the run.