If possible do two sessions. Warm up+Lifting in AM. The rest in the PM.

Warm up: 11 wallballs every :30 x 5 min

A. 4 sets 2 Full Snatch+2 Overhead Squats

B. 4 sets 2 Snatch Balance+2 Overhead Squats

C. Class skill: 10 min emom 3 touch and go deads at same weight.

On A and B all four sets should
working sets with the final set
being the heaviest of all.

C should be the same weight for
all sets. Think heavy but doable

Second session:

D. 7 min clock

250’ hsw(50’ increments)

25 muscle ups

max power cleans 205/135

E. Every 6 min for 30 min

row 750 m

F. 800 m D-Ball Carry 100/70

alternate between fron…

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Monday April 9, 2018

Great week of fitness ahead of us! The weather is forecasted as clear at the beginning and end of the week so we will sneak outside for a run or two then. Also, to start the week we will start with some pulling(deadlifts) and rather than squats. This is a real change from last week. Enjoy this slightly different change that will really make the whole week a real opportunity to build your fitness and reach your goals!

Don’t forget to be respectful of your coaches and the rest of the Iron Mile Family. This means when the coach is explaining a workout please refrain from dropping weights or overly loud conversation to close to the board.


EMOM x 10 Minutes

3 Heavy Touch and Go DeadliftsRead More


3k chill row or 20 min run

15 min mobility

A. Every 6 minutes for 30 minutes(record each time)

5 bar muscle ups+10 unbroken hang squat cleans 185/125+15/12 cal assault bike

B. 1 min on 1 min off x 8 minutes

Ring muscle ups

C. 20 min clock
10 minutes

100 ghd sit-ups

AMRAP Legless rope climbs

10 min

100/80 cal row

max sets of 5 front squats 205/135


Warm up
6 mile Assault bike+5x:15/45


Guy/girl partners 10 min AMRAP
Synchro everything
10 synchro burpee box jump overs
15 synchro axle bar power snatch 75/55
10 synchro burpee box jump overs
25 synchro axle bar power snatch 75/55
10 synchro burpee box jump overs
35 synchro axle bar power snatch 75/55

AMRAP ring muscle ups one athlete working at a time.

Touch and go Full snatch

C. Build to a heavy 2 back squats+1 behind the neck jerk

D. 10 sets of 10/7 kipping ring dips

E. Class

Friday April 6, 2018

It’s Friday! Text your favorite person and hit class together!

Partner 30 min AMRAP
100-calorie row
75 thrusters, 45/35lb. barbell
75 pull-ups
75 wall-ball shots, 20/14lb. ball