Warm up

Nose breathing to start and slowly pick up the pace as you go.

10 min Assault bike+800m run+10 min row+800 m run



4 sets

10 sumo deads

15 reverse hypers

20 eye level swings (heels down firing with the hips)

B) 3×6-8 glute ham raises

C) 18 min AMRAP

6 bar muscle ups

10 thrusters 155/105

14 ttb


Warm up

1 round of Cindy EMOM x 10 minutes


A) build to heavy 1 full clean+1 hang squat clean

B) max strict sets of 6 unbroken strict hspu in 7 minutes. Scale to insure you can do a set of 10; but then just do 6’s to get more total reps in. TAKE A VIDEO OR PIC.

C) class(try doing synchronized with a teammate)

D) partner-for time

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (225/145)

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (255/155)

20 muscle ups

20 Power Cleans (275/175)

E) anything else you might need.

Friday November 10, 2017



6 Rounds For Time*

24 Air Squats

24 Push-Ups

24 Walking Lunge

400 Meter Run

*Do this solo, with a partner or even as a trio! Just share the reps or for a fun challenge synchro the movements.

Thursday November 9, 2017

Choose Strength or Conditioning


15 minutes to work technique and build to days 1 rm Snatch(full)


15 minute AMRAP

With partner

Row 150m each, 300m each, 450m each


Run 800 m


Sumo Deadlift high pulls 135/95

16/12 cal on bike or rower


Warm up

Row 2500 m


A) 3 rm hang snatch(linked)

A.1) split jerk to daily 1 rm

B) class

C) more for quality than time. If numbers are too much go of the time caps on each movement.

7/4 legless rope climbs (3:00 min cap)

14/10 bar muscle ups(3:00 min cap)

28 chest to bar(3:00 cap)

14/10 bar muscle up (3:00 cap)

7 legless (3:00 cap)


1500 m row

150 double unders

1000 m row

100 double unders

500 m row

50 double unders