Monday May 9, 2017

Today’s workout may at first look complicated but it couldn’t be more straightforward. Your rotating through 4 stations where you’ll do :20 of work and then rest and transition for :40. Complete the circuit 5x for total number of reps as your score. The bar muscle up is scary to some but if you don’t have those; no big deal.just scale to whatever you normally do for chest to bar pull-ups. If you do jumping, banded or ring rows when you see chest to bar pull-ups do those. If you can do chest to bar but just can’t do bar muscle ups then do chest to bar.


5 rounds

:20 max clean and jerks 155/105

:40 rest

:20 max bar muscle up*

:40 rest

:20 max burpees

:40 rest

:20 max cal row

:40 rest

4 rounds


Friday May 5, 2017


WOD Prep. Thoroughly review WOD movements.

WOD: 25 min AMRAP

1200 m run w/medball 20/14(1st round only)

90 hollow rocks

60 kb shoulder to overhead 53/35*

40 chest to bar pull-ups 

20 hspu

*switch arms on KB overhead whenever necessary.

Thursday May 4, 2017


15 min clock

Every 5 min for 3 rounds*

20 box jumps 30/24

15 power cleans 185/115

10 shoulder to overhead 185/115

5 lateral burpees

Score is simply the time from each round added together.

*if you can’t make the 5 min cut off turn it in to an AMRAP. Scale box jump height or number to finish them roughly :90 or less


-3 sets of front squats BW/.75 BW for max reps

Start a new set every 3 min

-accumulate as much plank hold time in 5 min as possible.

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Skill: 3x

:30 max hspu (shoulder press if needed)

1 min rest

:30 max bench press men 115-155/women 55-95

1 min rest

3 rounds

Run 400 m

21 sdhp 95/65

15 ttb

Tuesday May 2, 2017

Skill: 3x

:30 max pull-ups (band ok)

1 min rest

:30 max double kb bent over row 

Rest 1 min
Partner Wod: 

20 min amrap 

21 burpees

15 kb swings 70/53

9 front squats 205/135