Friday May 8,2015

Skill: Bent over row




Ovhd Squat 115/75

Toes to bar 

Box jump 24/20

15 min cap

Thursday May 7,2015 

Partner Skill: 
8 min AMRAP 

Row 15/10 cal

Plank hold

(arms extended)


4 rounds

200m medball run

40′ medball ovhd walking lunges 

40 double Unders

(80 single Unders)

Overhead lunges the 

Arms do not need to be locked out, the ball must remain over the horizontal plane measured from the top of the head.

Wednesday May 6,2015

Skill: hang full snatch

Goal is not to go heavy! Goal is form.


4 rounds

Run 400 m

10 power cleans 165/115

Tuesday May 5,2015

Skill: 21 back squats in as few sets as possible with 80% plus 10/15 lbs


15 min AMRAP

15 eye level KB swings 70/53

15 bb see the lights 45/35

Monday May 4,2015

Tag Team Cindy

20 min AMRAP

Alternating rounds of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups 

15 air squats 

(At every switch each partner completes 3 burpees. Both athletes do burpees at the same time.)