Thursday June 14, 2017


100 power snatches 75/55*


100 clean and jerks 95/65*

*3 burpees over the bar every minute on the minute. After 100th rep run 400 m. Total for reps and run is your time.
Beach Muscle Accessory 

3×20 DB Strict Press +5-10 narrow grip  push up

3×1 min C2 rower curls+5-10 ring rows

3×30 hollow rocks+5-10 v-ups


Warm up:

2500 m row plus accessory from yesterday if you didn’t do it.


A) class

B) 4 rounds

2 Atlas Stone to shoulder(1 min total time per round here)

4 ohs 205/135

6 power cleans 205/135

80 yard farmer carry 88×2/70×2

C) 10 min emom

50-75 dubs*

*if you can’t do these numbers just do 500 for time

D) weakness work

Wednesday June 14, 2017


10 min of Handstand practice. Freestanding or on the wall. 


10 min emom

2-3 wallwalk for quality


4 rounds

1 min each movement!(40 sec work/20 sec rest transition)


toes to bar

Cal row


*be fit up to 75/55 be strong up to 165/115


Warm up: same as yesterday


A) 10(no jump)/7 Legless rope climbs for time

B) snatch to heavy double. Drop between

C) class

D) 2 rounds

400 m run

40/30 cal row

20 strict hspu(sub kipping if you have to)

15 power snatch 185/114


Accumulate 3 min in L sit using ring support 

In between sets rest and do 5 ring rows as slow as possible

Tuesday June 13, 2017

Skill: 15 minutes

Bear complex to heavy 
Partner WOD:

120 kb swings 70/53

Run 400 m w/kb

120 pull-ups 

Run 800 m w/kb