Travel 7000m in 45 minutes or less.
Choose any combination of rowing, running or biking (each meter worth half a meter). Cannot just row or just run

5 sets of 10 hip ext 45/35 plate+10 w/no plate(20 reps total per set)


Tuesday July 14,2015

TuesdaySkill: back squat


(All should feel pretty heavy. The heavier the better. Don’t fail. If you misjudge then do your best and then re-rack before failure.)


Run 1200 m

100 ab mat situps

Overhead Plate Run 400 m 25/15

(Competitors sub abmat situps for 75 toes to bar.)


Do general class workout before or after. 

A) 20 minutes To Build to heavy 1 rm Power Clean

B) Then 10 min emom of 10 burpees+1 PC at 205/135

C) 15/10 muscle ups for time.

Monday July 13,2015

Partner WOD:

2 rounds
6 min row* for calories

6 min AMRAP:
15 air squats
10 deadlifts 185/135
5 hspu(scaled 5 push-ups)

6 min row: partner A goes for 3 minutes straight, then partner b goes for 3 minutes. 

6 min AMRAP: partner A goes for 3 minutes straight, then partner b picks up where partner leaves off for 3 minutes.

Repeat this for a second round. Score is total reps+total calories from the two rounds.

To perform this row, disassemble the tower so the rail is not attached. Partners must hold the rower in place to allow there partner to pull. Athlete who is rowing will actually be seated on the f…

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Friday July 10,2015

Skill:15 mins work on ring dips/ handstand pushups (kip or strict)


2 mins on 1 min off for 5 Rounds

Row 20/15 cal

Max shoulder to overhead 185/125

*score is total # of shoulder to overhead