Monday Nov. 3, 2014

Bruce Lee Abs
(Ab movements and rep counts inspired by Legendary Martial Artist)
4 rounds
20 sit-ups
20 frog kicks
20 hanging leg raise
5 dragon flags
(If you do not have the strength to do the RX rep count, simply go until failure and then move on to the next movement)
Alt w partner
Floor Press 205/125
Hang Squat Clean 205/125
(Elite 225/135 on both movements. Do not go elite on one without the other.)

Friday Oct. 31,2014

Learning to kip, butterfly or
Muscle Up.
Wod: (skill 2)
Find a 1 rm Clean and Jerk
Then Front squat 5×2
Then 3x :30 plank hold.

Iron October 2 – Presented by Progenex & Iron Mile

This past Saturday was nothing short of amazing. 120 Talented Athletes came and took part in a 3 (later announced 4) scored events, that lead to an action packed competitive competition. Going into the finals of both Mens & Womens Divisions, 4 Points separated 1st from 4th.

Thursday Oct. 30,2014

With a partner; 12 min Row for calories. Switch every 2 minutes.

17 min AMRAP
7 push jerks 135/95
9 box jumps
11 wall balls 14/10

Wednesday Oct. 29, 2014

5×10 bb see the lights
5×5 knee jump to stand
Do a set of stl, then a set of knee jumps.
100 yard bear crawl
4 rounds
20 goblet lunge 53/35
20 kb swings 53/35
*14 min cap