Monday July 24, 2017


Power clean + hang power clean


Take your time between efforts. Focus on being fast and precise with the heaviest weights possible.


Run 400m

40 power snatches 95/65*

40 overhead squats 95/65*

*for every break run 200 m. Break is dropping the bar, resting/pausing in the hang, or stopping at the bottom. The only place you can stop moving and not have to run is at the top of the movement w/arms locked out overhead.

Post WOD(optional)

50 ab mat sit-ups 


Warm up: rolling 200’s x 5(first 200 actually row 500)

5/3 mu +1 for every m +/-


A) 6×2 Clean doubles(start a new set every 2:00)

B) 6×2 at 80%



40 burpees+max TTB


40 burpees+max TTB


40 burpees+max TTB

D) class


4 sets of max effort rope pull-ups (2 sets with Right hand on top and 2 sets with Left hand on top)

3 sets of max strict hspu+15 kipping hspu(you may come down during 15 if necessary)

400 m walking sled drag(may rotate between walking backwards or forwards)

Friday July 21, 2017

Have fun with this one!


Start a new workout every 10:00 for 30:00. (Can be done in any order)

A) 750 m row+35 burpees+50 jumping lunges

B) 1.5 mile bike+35 sdhp 70/53+50 ab mat sit-ups 

C) Run 800 m+35 hspu+50 front Squats 95/65

Thursday July 20, 2017

Skill: review WOD movements 

Partner WOD 

30 min Amrap

Filthy 50
Optional Post WOD: partner 800 m run carrying a medball.


Warm up

Run 3 min+4 min row+3 min ski


A) Back Squat 6×6 @ 80%

B) class

C) side plank 6(3/3) max effort holds

D) 2x weakness work 

15 minutes per weakness