Friday December 7, 2018

5×5 heaviest pullups possible

Wod: with a partner
24 min AMRAP-
60 DB snatches 50/35
60 cal row
60 ab exercise (no grasshoppers)

Thursday December 6, 2018

Build to heaviest power clean without a starfish (No jumps bigger than 10lbs)

3 rounds
12 squat cleans (155/105)
24 push-ups
12 power cleans (155/105)
8 strict hspu


Warm up: 4 rounds

250 m row

15 ghd sit ups

10 EL kb swings


A. Snatch 4×1 at 80% of best snatch from the past two weeks.

B. Clean and Jerk 4×1 at 80% of best clean and jerk in the last week

C. Back Squat 4×2 at 80% of best squat in the last two weeks

D. Class

E. Row 12 minutes AFAP while breathing in through nose and exhale through the mouth.

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Get in the gym! Also 12.22 ⛄️🍷🎄 Bring your workout buddy, or actual significant other😂, to our Annual Iron Mile Christmas Potluck and optional White Elephant Gift Exchange at 6 pm at the Woodland Gym!

10 mins dub practice
Or 40-60+ emom


buy in: 400 m run
75 sh to oh (135/95)
Every break:

10 cal row
15 ab mat sit-ups


Warm up: athletes choice 

A. Power Snatch 

6×1 at 85% of yesterday’s max

B. Power clean and pause push jerk to max

Then 6×1 at 80%

C. Single arm dumbell power clean and overhead 

3 sets of 5 right +5 left

D. Heavy Yoke carry 50’ unbroken

E. Class