Monday May 22, 2017

Let’s start this week off with an awesome partner workout! With a workout like the WOD for today, it’s hard to figure out which specific muscle group is hit. What workouts like this do is drive power out put from the hips and core while keeping a high heart rate. This creates the opportunity for optimal fat burning, muscle toning and balance. 

Skill: 12 min

:30 on/:30 off

Double under practice

Partner Wod: 20 min AMRAP

8 hang power cleans 205/135

2 rope climbs, 6 bar muscle ups or 12 pull-ups* 

8 synchro burpees

*select 1 of these and stick with it.

Friday May 19, 2017

Review wod movements

WOD: 25 min cap

Row 500m, run 400 or bike .7 miles

20 Right arm Strict press 53/35

25 ab mat sit-ups 

20 Left arm Strict press 53/35

Row 500m, run 400 or bike .7 miles

15 Right arm Strict Press 53/35

50 hollow rocks

15 Left arm Strict Press 53/35

Row 500m, run 400 or bike .7 miles

10 Right Arm Strict Press 53/35

75 side to side leg raises over the kb

10 Left Arm Strict Press 53/35

Row 500m, run 400 or bike .7 miles

1 min on/1 min off x 3

Jumping lunges

3×15 band pull aparts 

Thursday May 18, 2017

Partner WOD!!!


every :90 for 6 rounds*

5 touch n go power cleans 

*do two sets prior to starting six rounds 

Partner WOD: 3 rounds*

2 min max KB swings 70/53

2 min max burpee broad jumps 4’/3′

2 min max wallballs 20/14

Score kb swings, burpees, wallballs broad jumps separately.

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Skill: review WOD movements 

WOD: 15 min cap

Run 400 m

Max unbroken ovhd squats 135/95*

Run 400 m

Max unbroken front squats 155/105*

Run 400 m

Max unbroken back squats 205/135*

*Take bars from the floor.
Accessory work: 

3×10-20 Reverse hypers

3×15 seated Arnold presses

3×15 upright Barbell row (use kb for lighter load if needed)

Tuesday May 16, 2017


Ring pull-ups or ring rows

5 max effort sets. Rest roughly two minutes between sets. Keep the core tight to make these very strict.

After 5 sets are done do max grass hoppers in two minutes.

Partner WOD: 

10 rounds (5 each; I go you go) 

15 clapping push ups

12 toes to bar

9 deadlifts 155/105

6 hang power Cleans 

3 push jerks