Thursday March 23, 2017

Happy Open WOD 17.5 DAY!!! 

Come do a partner workout or just join us at 5 pm for the Final Open Workout Announcement 

Partner WOD:3 rounds

10 rope climbs(scale reps or eliminate if this is very challenging)

20 hspu

40 cal row

80 dubs

30 min cap


So the focus is performing on 17.5

With that in mind the focus here is going to be not increasing soreness or adding much muscle fatigue as well.

If you are in the bubble and are trying to shoot to have a big jump on .5 then be prepared to go at it 2x for sure… and maybe even 3 depending on what it is.

Warm up:

10 min Assault + 10 min row + :30 on/:30 off x 10 min of bear crawl


A) 3×10

1 arm kb ovhd squat 

Bulgarian split squat 

B) 3×50′ hsw

(If this length is hard for you then go 3 lengths that are not hard. This portion should take no more than 4 min.

C) :20 sprint/:40 chill x 10 legs only assault bike

Wednesday March 22, 2017

Build to a 1 rm Behind the neck Split Jerk

400 m plate carry 45/35

10 plate ground to ovhd 

300 m plate carry

20 plate ground to ovhd

200 m plate carry

30 plate ground to ovhd

100 m plate carry

40 plate ground to ovhd


16 min Assault bike+6 min :20/:40

3 x Mobilize 3-5 min + 10 reverse hypers 

A) class

B) 10 strict mu+20 ohs 155/105+30 mu+20 ohs+10 strict mu


5×10 Barbell row 

5×15 hipext

5×20 shoulder taps 

Tuesday March 21, 2017

Skill: 18 minutesRun 1 mile

W/remaining time build to a 3rm 

Back squat

44 Toes To Bar

33 burpees

22 TTB

11 burpees