Thursday October 18, 2018

Thursday is often a rest day. This week we are turning it into an OPPORTUNITY!!!

Maybe you missed the one if the days with all the squats and you want to make it up. Today you will have that option! 


Option 1: Back Squat 


Option 2: Assault bike

1 min on/1 min off x 12 minutes


15 min AMRAP

25 ab mat sit-ups 

20 kb swings 53/35

15/10 cal whatever*

*Grab whatever is available; rower or bike. If you get stuck having to wait too long do 15 …

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Warm up:

12 min Assault +3 min :15/45 sprint/chill


A. 10×1

halting Snatch+power Snatch

First 3 sets at 135/95 on the 2 min

Last 7 sets building 

B. 5×2

Snatch grip Deadlift

C. Ever 4 min for 20 minutes

250 m row

15 cal bike

D. Class

200 m run

30 dubs/60 singles

Max pull-ups/hspu

E. Make up row from Monday


Warm up:

chill pace


cal row

7 right arm db thrusters 50/35

7 left arm db thrusters 50/35



A. 15 min to find 3 rm push press

B. Class

C. 4 sets of hand over hand sled pull

full length of white rope at end of the rig

rest 2-3 minutes between sets

D. Yesterday’s Row work or

every 5 minutes for 15 minutes

bear crawl 100’

1 mile Assault bike

10 jumping lunges


Wednesday October 17, 2018

Wednesday is also known as hump day. It means that you are halfway through the week and On the downhill ride towards Friday. This is great if you live for the weekend. But for those of you who live to improve get in the gym today for a great interval workout. We have some great scaling options that will allow you to push and yet a phenomenal work out. If you have not been in the gym yet this week make it a priority to get it and finish the week strong.


6 Rounds

3 minute clock

Run 200 m

40 double unders(60-80 single unders)

With remaining time max pull-ups or hspu*

rest 1 minute

*guys will do first 3 min clock doing hspu and the ladies pull-ups. They will alternate e…

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If you don’t F around(F stands for Fart) I think you can get the warm up, A, B and C done in an hour. It would be tough but doable. Allowing 90 minutes for A, B, and C  + 60 minutes for class would be better. Some of you already know you can’t do this and some know you can. I’d prioritize the strength work and class if I had to choose. Also part E is for those who have more than 2.5 hours(😳) or want to sub it for A, B, and C because they have a real engine bias!

Warm up

10 min emom

11 bf burpees


A) find a 1 rm clean and jerk

B) 3×3 back squat 

All heavy

C) every 3 minutes x 12 minutes

6/4 muscle ups<…

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